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Painted Metal GX-16 Aviator Connector

Our quick detaching GX-16 aviators are professionally painted to add an extra ascent to your keyboard cable. Each E-Series cable uses a high quality metal GX-16, which is larger than our competitors and our Z-Series cable. This size makes for a sturdy cable connection and makes a bolder statement when showing off your setup.


Reversed Coiled Cables Built to Last

Who wants loose coils? Not us! We use an industrial grade reverse coiling machine to keep our coils tight and springy forever. Seriously no matter what you do, they will always spring back into place. Each of our cables is professionally double sleeved using high end materials used by the top custom cable makers in the world.

Heat Shrink USB-C to fit all keyboards

We do not use a plastic molded USB Housing on the keyboard connector side to ensure compatibility with every keyboard, as our competitors have issues with their cables fitting keyboard ports.